Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I do like a good striped outfit. Always have. This one is especially appealing with its colour scheme of magenta, cerise, purple, indigo and black. I think they work together quite well.

This dress is another trademe special. From memory it cost me somewhere around the $4.00 mark. I always get tricked into purchases that cheap. On many occasions I have ended up spending more on postage than the article itself. Genius or crazy. You decide. (but maybe don't tell me either way...)

In any case- I am still very happy with this particular deceptively cheap dress. I have teamed it with patent black peep toe wedges , black 3/4 leggings and a waist cinching black belt.

In other news- this post marks the 1st 5000 hits on Frockstar. Woah. It's like you guys genuinely care about what I am wearing and my incessant babbling about colour co-ordination! I hope you realise that this is only encouraging me...

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