Wednesday, May 5, 2010

An Ee Tee

I am not really a T-shirt kindofa girl. I wil wear them to bed- and occasionally when I'm sick. That's about it.

This T-shirt was something special though. Mainly as I knew it would give my family and boyfriend a good laugh. I should maybe explain.

E.T was what 90% of all my childhood nightmares were made of. Seriously. Anytime I heard noises at night or thought something was under my bed- it was him every time. Sadly for me the object of my nightmares also happened to have a wee spell of extreme popularity in the early eighties. This meant that the creepy little alien that made me cry had his image on EVERYTHING. My poor Mother would have to walk me through toy stores with my eyes closed. She tried to help me overcome my fear by buying me one of those books with tapes and the chimes that tell you when to turn the page. Just made me scream. My parents also tried taking me to the movie when it was released at the movies for the second time- when I was little older. I just sat through the whole thing with my eyes closed. I watched the movie for the first time with all senses when I was 16- and to be honest I was still uneasy.

Upon telling my boyfriend this traumatic tale from my childhood- he gave me the dvd for Christmas. I still have not watched it.

When I saw this t-shirt in the Salvation Army Store this week it made me laugh. This really was the most ironic t-shirt I could ever possibly wear. And besides- when I'm wearing it I don't actually have to look at the silhouette that used to make my heart race in horror.

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