Monday, May 10, 2010

Khaki Hoodie Dress

I know a lot of people are begrudging the colder weather setting in- but I am actually ok with it. I would always much rather be too cold than too hot. If you are cold there is always something else you can do. You can put on more clothes, get a hot water bottle, sit in front of a heater... when you are too hot you run out of options much much quicker.

Impending Winter also means there is an entire section of the wardroom that will get some attention with the temperatures dropping... YAY!

This outfit was one of these. I have a soft spot for this colour combo in Winter- and have a few outfits that this applies to now. Khaki green and brown is vaguely Autumnal too I guess. Plus- it goes so well with my previously posted Harajuku boots!

This dress is an interesting mix of features too. No sleeves, stripey fabric, hooded, bubble hemmed mini with a tie around the hips. Quite the ensemble really.

Another additional feature of this outfit is the pin I wear on my chest. I was wearing this dress the day it arrived in the post (trademe purchase) - and it has become part of this outfit permanently. A tiny weeny little Fender Rhodes pin. Just like the full size one that lives in the Wardroom!

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