Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sweetly Floral

I was lucky enough to be in Wellington this week for the Regina Spektor concert. She is one incredible lady. She is also the reason I got to do a spot of clothes shopping in the Capital on Monday while everyone else was at work. Heh.

More specifically- I shopped Cuba St. Spacesuit is one such store.

I cannot gush enough about how great that store is. I won't go into how gutted I am that our Auckland store closed. I know I've had that particular rant on this site already. We'll take that part as read then shall we....

I made a beeline for Spacesuit as soon as I hit town on Monday morning. I took so many things into the fitting room I could hardly close the door behind me! I think I may have set some unrealistic expectations based on the last 2 times I have shopped there. Out of 30 or so dresses I tried on- this one was the only one that was worth bringing home to live with me.

Something about this dress reminded me straight away of the 40's. The pale coloured roses on a dusky background combined with the buttons down the front. The kind of thing one may have worn to a picnic perhaps. Maybe a touch shorter than anything actually worn in the 40's of course....

I have worn it with a pair of shoes bought the same morning. From the Recycled Boutique in the same vicinity in fact. I have never owned a pair of shoes this colour and after wearing them today I think I know why. The colour is not too far off my skin colour. I think I need a little more contrast at the end of my legs. The good thing is that being a pale brown- they will be pretty easy to change colour. I am thinking bright green at the moment- but haven't committed to anything just yet.

I also learnt a valuable lesson today I think. I learnt there is a fine fine line between Boho Chic- and Prostitute. Turns out its all in the jacket.

The jacket is an old one. White-ish fake fur vaguely reminiscent of a taxidermy polar bear from the 60's. It isn't one I wear very often but needed something that worked in with the colour tone of my dress this morning. It wasn't until I was physically walking down K Rd on my way to work that I realised a short dress under a white fake fur coat does mutter (if not scream) "Hooker".
I was so convinced that this was the case that I didn't even put it on after work while waiting for my boyfriend to meet me. Our meeting spot does happen to be one of the more notorious prostitute hang outs around the area- and I wasn't taking any chances to be confused with one of the working girls. Even if I was freezing...

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