Thursday, June 24, 2010

80's In Red

I realise that horizontal stripes in a stretch cotton dress may not be a safe option for an outfit- but I couldn't resist this 80's inspired number!

I bought this dress from Myer in Adelaide. My god that's an amazing department store. I had a rare but intense moment of sensory overload at one point while I was browsing through the racks. So many amazing clothes in one place...

I don't know what you call the feature in the middle. Flap? Frill? Over skirt? Whatever you call it- I think it's a grand addition to this dress. I especially like that the direction on the striped pattern changes with it- and gives it an extra little something something.

I must admit that I also like that there are elements of a nautical theme to this dress too that can potentially be exploited in future ensembles. My mind is already ticking over at the possibilities...

I have kept this outfit pretty simple and not accessorised with anything other than some black peep toes heels. I may yet go for a belt in future wearings too- but have not yet committed to the right one. Good things take time after all....

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