Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Perfect 50's Housewife

While I am fairly certain that demure isn't often the first thing most people would think when they think of my style- I think this outfit could almost help me pull it off!

This is a new addition to the wardroom. I purchased it on my recent trip to Adelaide with my roller derby league. One of my absolute favourite things about Australian shopping is Dangerfield. I cannot understand why we don't have it here in NZ! Probably lucky for me really. They would get too much of my money if there was one I had regular access to...

I went in to the store knowing that I would be coming out with a new frock. Must be psychic.

I found this beautiful 50s style within the first 5 minutes. It is a really classic cut that makes me think I should be greeting my man at the door after a long days work wearing pearls and an apron with a tray of baking in my hands. I have not yet made this a reality- but I have the pearls covered at least!

The pattern on the fabric is a great mix of black and white gingham and dusky pink roses. The cut has a collar that sits almost off the shoulder. It has a button detail to one side of the waist- and a circle skirt that works very well with a crinoline petticoat underneath.

With my 50's housewife pearls- I have also added my gangster wing tip black and white brogue heels. I'm still working on the apron and the baking....

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