Wednesday, July 7, 2010

70's Plaid Cape

Look... no hands!

I predict a grand comeback of the cape. I have a couple of them hanging out in the wardroom- and I feel as a garment in general they haven't been particularly well utilised in the last few years.

The main difference between a cape and a poncho is that a cape will have holes for your arms to go through. A poncho will not. I am unsure if this is a technical official difference between these garments- but my dealings with them over the years has led me to believe this to be true.

This particular cape is an original 70's one. Bright blue and green plaid with a rounded collar and great big shiney feature buttons. Aaaah.

I have a cape in mind that I really want to add to the wardroom. This would be a very simple task if not for the fact that it didn't exist soley in my head.... I will continue on my mission to find it before I start describing my fantasy garments. You can see the pic when it becomes a reality.

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