Thursday, July 15, 2010

Best. Jumper. Ever.

You may have read the word "favourite" on Frockstar a few times before. It is a word that I tend to throw out often because to me "favourite" doesn't always have exclusive connotations. I can have lots of favourite things and the level of sub categories these can fit into is nothing short of mind bending. I use the word to describe the preferred item of anything I have any more than one of. This jumper would easily fall into my "favourite 70's knitted jumper with Nordic design detailing" category- but I would also tentatively out it out into my favourite jumper. Full stop. It's a big call but one that I am prepared to stand by.

I have had it now for almost 15 years. I bought it from the Red Cross Op Shop on Mt Eden Rd on an op shopping day with a good friend of mine. I was thrilled when I first saw it. That initial wave of excitement you get on an op shop find especially is a great feeling. If you could bottle it I would be taking daily doses.

I had no cash on me when I found it- so needed to duck out to the money machine. Meanwhile my friend I was shopping with was horrified at my choice of purchase. To the point where she decided she wasn't a true friend if she let me buy it. (bless her! ) While I was out getting the cash - she surreptitiously hid it under a pile of linen in the hopes that out of sight out of mine would be enough to stop my purchase. Obviously it didn't- and all these years later I still can't look at it without smiling.

Aqua, poo brown and white is an unusual yet striking colour combination. Thick and woollen. Tried and True. This jumper will be hard to knock off it's place on the top spot that's for sure!

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