Thursday, July 15, 2010

Black Dress with Bow (and secret green)

This dress was bought in the Rainbow op shop on K Rd a few months back for about $3 from memory. Originally it was from Glassons of all places. I would like to think I'm pretty far from being a clothing snob- but to be honest I usually stay away from "The House Of G" unless I am buying plain cardi's or singlets. No disrespect meant to anyone who shops there- I just find the whole concept of the mass produced clothing lines is something I have grown out of over the years. In saying that- if I like something I don't care where it is from. Having a Glassons label wont' stop me from buying it. It didn't this time either....

An empire line on a dress can be a hard thing to pull off. I find that they can occasionally give the illusion of pregnancy which isn't what most women are looking for in a frock. This one is more flattering than most and has a few nice details that sealed the deal for me. (other than the cheaper than a cup of coffee price that is!)

I'm a sucker for bows and it has one in the middle of the empire line. Good start. Above that it has some amazing pin tuck detailing. Capped sleeves are always pretty flattering- and it has those too. Already all this would possibly be enough to convince me a purchase is imminent but there was one more detail that appealed to me. The overall dress is black until you get up close. It is actually a floating black chiffon over a sea green satin slip. This creates a really nice shot through the colour from certain angles.

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