Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Flissmas Bomber With Birds

"Red and green should never be seen" is how the old phrase goes. The person that came up with that gem has obviously never heard of Christmas...

I don't think anyone can wear red and green together and not feel festive. I can't anyway.
This bomber jacket was purchased for those festive feelings in fact. It was an accidental find on trademe a year or so back. Another one of those purchases where you end up paying more for the postage than for the item itself! The jacket cost me a sweet $2.50. The postage was about double that. Totes worth it.

My favourite part about this jacket is the detailing in the bird embroidery. I like that it carries on through to the back of the jacket too. They may be cranes- but my knowledge of birds is a little rusty to tell you the truth.

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