Thursday, July 15, 2010

Leopard Coat

When I was about 15 I was my cousin's bridesmaid. It wasn't a conventional wedding. It was in a cave on a beach at dawn. I wore black. We all had candles instead of flowers. We came out of the cave as the sun was coming up. She had pictures taken in the water with a leopard print coat over her wedding dress. I thought it was the most beautiful coat I had ever seen- and made it my life's mission then and there to make sure I had one of my own one day....

I have had this coat for about 13 years now. I think everyone needs a good leopard print coat in a flattering cut. Fluffy and kitsch- but somehow still timeless.

In this photo I have teamed it with a black pencil skirt, black open toed wedges, a red hair flower and a red patent handbag.

This coat boats 3 buttons, a tie in the back to pull the waist in just enough, a dark chocolate brown collar and cuffs combo- and sadly a ginormous cigarette burn on the front.
I foolishly lent it to the most accident prone person in the universe. I should have known better. This girl was the kind of person who could destroy clothing like nobody else I had ever met. To this day I cannot remember why I let her wear this precious item of mine. There may have been alcohol consumed before she asked me but even then- my decision to lend it to her is still unforgivable. I will never forget that gut sinking feeling of absolute horror as I walked outside a bar in time to watch her set my beautiful coat on fire with her cigarette as she was wearing it. She didn't even notice it had happened. I never really forgave her for this travesty- but she was cut out of my life for other reasons about a year later anyway. I didn't have to pretend I was OK with it for long at least.

At least it almost blends into the pattern of the leopard print....

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