Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Pink Jingling Hippie

Some days wardrobe inspiration will start from the ground up. This outfit is one of those. Dusky pink long slouch boots aren't overly versatile in that they can only really be worn with very specific colour combinations. This pink 70's hippie inspired outfit is possibly my favourite outlet for this great pair of boots!

The top is a really light muslin cloth. It has a faintly floral feel to the pattern but if you look closely it is technically more paisley. It also is quite musical in that it jingles. Yes. Jingles.

It's neckline boasts a couple of totally useless pieces of cord that are reminiscent of a drawstring. Yet they aren't. They just kind of hang there. As far as I can tell the only reason to even include them on this top at all is so the hippies that wore it could have something to attach the tiny bells to. That's why it jingles.

I bought this top as part of a 2 piece. Oh yes. It has a skirt in the matching fabric. I'm sure you can imagine what that looks like. Flowing and even more hippie like with matching bells on the waist line. I have not ever considered wearing the skirt and top together. I have not even really considered wearing the skirt on it's own. I tried it on a few times and figured the bells would drive me crazy. They are much louder than the top....

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