Thursday, July 15, 2010

Rainbow Ski jacket

This is a jacket that I always want to work into more outfits. It is actually my ski jacket. Not having made many trips to the mountain in the last few years has meant it hasn't made it's way out of the far corners of the wardroom for some time now.

The 80's had some great ski and apres ski wear. So great in fact that some friends of mine used to hold an annual event that was essentially a very well organised, weekend long, 80's ski wear dress up party held at a lodge in Ohakune. "Snow Glam". Awesome concept and very well executed. The weekend included a welcome night disco, snow activities during the day (races, jumps, toboggan's etc) then on the Saturday night- the fashion show. This group of friends have turned the average dress up party into an art form. 1 outfit per party just will not do. No- to really do a dress up party right you need to have multiple costume changes over the evening.

Sadly - Snow Glam has been shelved for the last few years as the organisers are no longer in NZ to put them together. I am holding out for a reunion weekend at some point in the future though.
Snow Glam 2007 may have even been the last time I got to wear this jacket!

80's red puffer jacket with rainbow detailing features in blue, yellow and orange. when actually wearing it on the mountain I have some electric blue pants to complete the look. If I was to actually wear it in the city I would probably wear it with the denim skirt and blue hightops shown in the photo.

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