Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Supermarket or Nurse?

I always thought this dress had some distinct "Supermarket" flavours to it- but every time I wear it I get called a nurse.

I never had a supermarket job when I was at school. I did work in a fish and chip shop for a while. I had to wear a fluoro orange polo shirt. I would have much rather worn one of the New World turquoise smocks- but they didn't pay school age workers as well. I always wondered if I was subconsciously making up for my lack of supermarket career starter with this dress...

This aqua dress has been around for a long time now. I have had it for almost 10 years now- and it has been on steady rotation for the majority of that time. It is pretty verstaile in that it can be work on it's own in Summer- or teamed with tights, boots and a cardi in Winter. I do like a good "span the seasons" frock ...

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