Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Yellow Featured Asian Top

Usually when I buy a new item of clothing I am so excited about it- I want to incorporate this into an outfit as soon as possible. Sometimes the item will get lost in a pile of new things. (like my swag from the Cornwall park school fair!). Sometimes I won't have quite the right outfit to fit it into- so will need to source more items. I have been known occasionally to own an item for quite some time before it gets its "maiden voyage" wearing. Like this top. It has been kicking around in my possession for about 6 months and technically has still not even had it's maiden voyage wearing!

I love this satin top. I really do. The Asian style detailing. The floral pattern. The bright yellow. It has a lot going for it. What I have found out the hard way is that navy blue is a very difficult colour to co-ordinate in a top. The easy option is to go as I have done with black. The trouble with pairing navy and black together is that while they are different colours they are still very close on the spectrum. They don't feel like they are different enough to be worn together I think. On the other end of the scale- wearing it with a dark denim is too similar in colours and also not different enough. This theory has made working an outfit around this top a long and painful process.

I think that I finally have settled on an outfit that works. The saving grace to me is the flower and the shoes. By making yellow more of a feature - then the navy/ black combo doesn't feel quite so out of place. (although the black tights make it make a little more sense)

Now that I have an option of how to wear this outfit-typically it is too cold to work it into my rotation this week. Go figure. At least it will be ready to go in that brief seasonal time where it is still cold enough to wear tights- yet warm enough to have short sleeves. This window of opportunity is estimated to make an appearance in early October- and with my luck will last for approximately 3 days.

(NB- Something about this Asian style on tops or dresses always makes me feel obliged to wear my hair up for some reason. It always looks better. )

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