Sunday, August 8, 2010

Road Cone

As the title of this blog post suggest- this is my very best impression of a road cone.

I don't think you can get much more orange than this. This is what I would describe as "Extreme Tangerine". I am not sure I could spend a day with someone else wearing a colour this bright as it would give me a headache if it was in my direct line of sight for too long.

In saying all of that - I still love it. Super intense 70's fluoro orange mixed with a white and brown contrasting stripe down the front- and a matching band on one arm. (I quite like that feature and while usually lack of symmetry messes with me- the lack of it really appeals in this garment)

I don't usually try to mimic the shape of said road cones while wearing it. Honest. Although I did once win an "orange outfit" competition with this little baby. True Story.

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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Stars On My Jacket

This jacket may not be the greatest jacket in the whole universe- but it is the only one I have with the whole universe on it. Well. A decent representation of parts of the Milky Way at least.

I may be a teeny bit old for such confessions- but stars are my favourite shape. I draw them on stuff. I buy things that have stars on them. I even wear them on my head in roller derby. (not me in the pic- but you get the idea) Typically such stars look like this- but this jacket takes them to a whole new level.

This jacket is a newish addition to the wardoom and hasn't had a great deal of wear time under it's belt yet. I predict that it has a lot more coming before this Winter is done with us. I think the colour scheme of navy blue, black, white and shades of grey will mean I have a lot or versatility in what I can wear it with. While that may be the case- I imagine it will probably still only be worn with the outfit shown. Staple dark denim mini, black tights and silver reebok high tops.

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Friday, August 6, 2010

Sailor (Again)

The Sailor P.O.F is one of my favourites. I like nautical stripes. I like the sailor colour scheme (often Navy blue, red and white) but most of all I love the Sailor "Back Flap".

(As previously mentioned I do not know exactly what this feature is called- so it shall be forever known by me as a back flap)

I have been obsessed with these since I saw Kylie Minogue play in Auckland a few years back. She had the most incredible sequined sailor pantsuit complete with back flap. SWOOON.

This particular sailor top hailed from Trademe. Not only does it have the obligatory back flap- but I really like the tie on the front as well. It cost me a cool $8.00. I bought it to make a derby training outfit around- so have teamed it with black short shorts, Chuck Taylors and black leg warmers. I have also teamed it with pasty "Winter White" legs. Roll on Summertime....

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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Polka Dots to Flowers

This dress is actually a skirt in disguise. I have had it for about 8 years now- and have never worn it anywhere as a skirt OR a dress. I cannot bring myself to get rid of it though- as I love the pattern on the fabric so much!

It has a basic elastic waistband and coupled with the slightly longer than mid calf length- I have always felt it was a little frumpy to wear as a skirt. On me anyways. It could work on someone who is a bit taller than my modest 5 feet 3 inches. I'm not short. I'm funsized.

I think I quite like it as a dress cinched with this black belt- but I'm still not 100% sure. I think I really need to test drive it in public for a whole day before I make my decision. The funny thing is that I know i still wont get rid of it if I decide it isn't right. The fabric is just too cool to let go!

I love love LOVE how it starts off in big bright polka dots in shades of red, orange, white and coral on a black background- and then moves up slowly into little flower buds. The transition in pattern has always really appealed to me. The 70's really were a great decade for some amazing fabric prints.

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Safari Suit

"Once upon a time in a land far far away- a young girl worked in a clothing shop. This shop specialised in Ball Frocks and Business Suits. Part of her terms of employment were that she was required to dress in the shops clothes while she was at work. She got a great discount on all of her clothing purchases there because of this- and accumulated a vast number of business suits that she has not really had any reason to wear worn since she left the shop. She went on to collect many many more articles of clothing in the next 15 years and is doing a reasonable job at acheiving her happily ever after. The End "

I like that I don't have to wear a suit in my day to day life. I also like that I have a few floating around that I could wear one if the need arose.

This particular one has a great 70's feel to it. A safari themed faux olive green suede suit teamed with an olive and white Hawaiian print collared shirt. I think they work quite nicely together in fact.

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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Somewhere Over The Knitted Rainbow

I think it's fairly safe to say that this jumper epitomises the term "Bright". It's migraine inducing colour combo coupled with eye blurring stripes had me at hello.

I do love a good rainbow. Why commit to one colour when you can wear them all?

I must admit that the handful of times I have actually put this jumper on - I have felt like it washes me out just a little. It is an awful lot of bright colours worn right next to my face and I'm not 100% I can pull it off. Don't get me wrong- that thought will not stop me from wearing it. Feel the fear and do it anyway.

As this hand knitted piece of amazing is obviously a statement piece the rest of the outfit needs to be downplayed somewhat. Hence the denim skirt, black tights and green chucks.

On a vaguely related note- someone once told me I reminded them of this 80's icon. This jumper totally makes me understand the comparison and also leads me to ponder if there was anything I wouldn't do for her rainbow striped moon boots!

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Monday, August 2, 2010

Connect The Dots

Monochrome polka dots is such a simple concept- but one that can be very striking. Black and white can occasionally seem like a bit of a cop out for colour combo's. (I think at least) I can often feel like it is a bit bland no matter how effective the contrast or pattern can be. This is one of those outfits that I don't feel the need to throw in a third colour. Apart from the obligatory red lipstick that is!

This outfit was a donation from a good friend of mine- Ruby Disaster. It's main point of difference is largely hinged on the matching short sleeved big collared jacket. It isn't unusual that it has a matching jacket- just that it has short sleeves. It's kinda defeatist doncha think? If you're cold enough to put on a jacket you are probably cold enough to want your arms covered. I guess this 2 piece covers that particular temperature niche of a raise in a couple of degree's with no wind.

Gentle mockery aside- I am very fond of this as a combo and the dress as a stand alone piece. Although I did just mention that it doesn't need a third colour thrown in- it would look just as good with a brightly coloured belt and matching shoes (and possible hair flower!) to give it a little something else too.

I have kept it to monochrome for this pic- and teamed it with my wingtip gangster heels and piano key bracelet.

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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Green and Navy 70s Flowers

I am really good at holding onto things. Especially when it comes to clothing. I have a hoarding gene that has been passed down the generations of my Mother's side of the family. (How else do you think a girl manages to accumulate enough to have a Wardroom??) This is coupled with a deep seated fear that the second I throw something away I will want it back again. This has sadly happened before and I'm not prepared to go through that feeling again if I can help it. It does mean that every now and then I "rediscover" an article that has long been forgotten about. I must admit I really like when that happens. It's like getting something new all over again- and being able to put a different spin on a frock years after it's initial purchase can be a fun and fruitful adventure.

This dress has been in my possession for a very long time now. So long I can't even remember where it is from. (I am usually pretty good at holding onto that kind of information too!)
It has seen me through many Summers now and has always been worn with bare legs and green jandals until today where I decided to try something a bit different.

(The fabric on this dress is fantastic too. Bright green with white and navy in a typical 70's floral print. )

It is actually amazing how much difference a cinched black belt, tights and stiletto's can make to an outfit. After this "trial run" with the aforementioned today- I was left wondering why I had never thought to try that combination before. I think that I will be a little more open to experimentation with some of my old favourite dresses after today. I may have just opened up a whole new world of possibilities. Yay!

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Black and White Gingham

Aah gingham. How I love thee...

This dress was a $9.00 bargain from the "Paper Bag Princess". A simple (yet effective) halter in back and white gingham with a black net frill along the hem.

I really like how versatile a dress like this can be. In this pic I have teamed it with red shoes and a matching hair flower. It could just as easily be worn with black tights, boots and an embroidered cardi. I do love a good frock that can span the seasons like that.

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Turquoise Frills and Lace

In the last few years I have learnt many things. I have learnt how to sprint up and down my stairs at home in stilettos. I have learnt how to make the perfect self saucing pudding. I have learnt how to play backgammon and I have learnt that there is a very fine line between 80's lingerie and derby outfits. Point in case.

This little number came from my derby trip to Adelaide a few months back. It stemmed from one of a very few genuine op shops we managed to find in our short stay. (I think it cost me about $7.00 Australian)

It has a very frilled edge along the neck line and this theme is continued along the back straps also. Turquoise lace bodice with a turquoise satin flip skirt. SO many shades of awesome in one outfit. (this is obviously subjective)

So I am 99% sure that this was originally a negligee. Now it has a new lease of life as one of my favourite training outfits. I just need to find the right coloured leg warmers and my ensemble is complete...

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Chlorofile Dress

I have been very restrained with my clothing purchases lately. I have plans to go to Melbourne in October- so am saving for a shopping trip of epic proportions. This means that I am basically not going into any second hand clothing store or looking on trademe so as not to be tempted with any pre-Melbourne clothes spending. This was one of the last things I bought on trademe before my savings plan kicked in....

An original early 90's "Chlorofile" dress (NZ brand I might add) in shades of blue, green and purple plaid on a black background. The collar is a black band that has been woven through a couple of loops in the plaid fabric- but gives the impression of single collars when viewed from afar.

I find it hard to find quirky Winter dresses that appeal to me- so was quite happy when I stumbled across this one. The colour scheme had me sold and I knew it would transcribe well with black tights and boots if I didn't want to wear it with heels. (Although when they match this well it's hard not to!)

I also really like the illusion of the dress being blue from a distance but when you get up close it is really the green and purple over the black that gives that impression. Tricky.

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60's Avon Lady

This dress has always made me think of the Avon ladies of the 60's. I am pretty much a matching pill box hat away from being able to pull off the real deal.

I have not been able to take a photo that really does this dress justice. A pale green and white textured polyester, high necked, short sleeved straight dress with matching belt. Wow.

Granted that this isn't the kind of dress that I am likely to wear on an every day basis. It has been well utilised for a Halloween party though. I came as "Zombie Avon Lady". The green in the dress really bought out the colour of my skin....

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Apple's and Racing Stripes

Apples are a great motif in fashion. They seemed to be in abundance in the 70's- and often coupled with denim for some reason. This is a perfect example of 70's apples. And there is some denim snuck in for good measure...

It is a light jacket in white with a double red racing stripe down on side of the front. Matched to red collar and cuffs and finished off with double apples on each breast. I think it works.

I'm not sure if the red stripes has faded- or the original design intentionally wanted it to be a much more faded version of the other red's featured. I don't think it detracts too much but my extreme need for colour co-ordination can't seem to let it go entirely.

This jacket is perfect for that very mild "Summer cold". You know that kind of cold when it's actually really warm and there is just a mild chill in the air. The last time I wore it out was in a freak Summer thunder storm at Rainbows End. Fun day actually- but that's another story...

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