Sunday, August 1, 2010

Apple's and Racing Stripes

Apples are a great motif in fashion. They seemed to be in abundance in the 70's- and often coupled with denim for some reason. This is a perfect example of 70's apples. And there is some denim snuck in for good measure...

It is a light jacket in white with a double red racing stripe down on side of the front. Matched to red collar and cuffs and finished off with double apples on each breast. I think it works.

I'm not sure if the red stripes has faded- or the original design intentionally wanted it to be a much more faded version of the other red's featured. I don't think it detracts too much but my extreme need for colour co-ordination can't seem to let it go entirely.

This jacket is perfect for that very mild "Summer cold". You know that kind of cold when it's actually really warm and there is just a mild chill in the air. The last time I wore it out was in a freak Summer thunder storm at Rainbows End. Fun day actually- but that's another story...

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