Sunday, August 1, 2010

Chlorofile Dress

I have been very restrained with my clothing purchases lately. I have plans to go to Melbourne in October- so am saving for a shopping trip of epic proportions. This means that I am basically not going into any second hand clothing store or looking on trademe so as not to be tempted with any pre-Melbourne clothes spending. This was one of the last things I bought on trademe before my savings plan kicked in....

An original early 90's "Chlorofile" dress (NZ brand I might add) in shades of blue, green and purple plaid on a black background. The collar is a black band that has been woven through a couple of loops in the plaid fabric- but gives the impression of single collars when viewed from afar.

I find it hard to find quirky Winter dresses that appeal to me- so was quite happy when I stumbled across this one. The colour scheme had me sold and I knew it would transcribe well with black tights and boots if I didn't want to wear it with heels. (Although when they match this well it's hard not to!)

I also really like the illusion of the dress being blue from a distance but when you get up close it is really the green and purple over the black that gives that impression. Tricky.

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