Monday, August 2, 2010

Connect The Dots

Monochrome polka dots is such a simple concept- but one that can be very striking. Black and white can occasionally seem like a bit of a cop out for colour combo's. (I think at least) I can often feel like it is a bit bland no matter how effective the contrast or pattern can be. This is one of those outfits that I don't feel the need to throw in a third colour. Apart from the obligatory red lipstick that is!

This outfit was a donation from a good friend of mine- Ruby Disaster. It's main point of difference is largely hinged on the matching short sleeved big collared jacket. It isn't unusual that it has a matching jacket- just that it has short sleeves. It's kinda defeatist doncha think? If you're cold enough to put on a jacket you are probably cold enough to want your arms covered. I guess this 2 piece covers that particular temperature niche of a raise in a couple of degree's with no wind.

Gentle mockery aside- I am very fond of this as a combo and the dress as a stand alone piece. Although I did just mention that it doesn't need a third colour thrown in- it would look just as good with a brightly coloured belt and matching shoes (and possible hair flower!) to give it a little something else too.

I have kept it to monochrome for this pic- and teamed it with my wingtip gangster heels and piano key bracelet.

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