Sunday, August 1, 2010

Green and Navy 70s Flowers

I am really good at holding onto things. Especially when it comes to clothing. I have a hoarding gene that has been passed down the generations of my Mother's side of the family. (How else do you think a girl manages to accumulate enough to have a Wardroom??) This is coupled with a deep seated fear that the second I throw something away I will want it back again. This has sadly happened before and I'm not prepared to go through that feeling again if I can help it. It does mean that every now and then I "rediscover" an article that has long been forgotten about. I must admit I really like when that happens. It's like getting something new all over again- and being able to put a different spin on a frock years after it's initial purchase can be a fun and fruitful adventure.

This dress has been in my possession for a very long time now. So long I can't even remember where it is from. (I am usually pretty good at holding onto that kind of information too!)
It has seen me through many Summers now and has always been worn with bare legs and green jandals until today where I decided to try something a bit different.

(The fabric on this dress is fantastic too. Bright green with white and navy in a typical 70's floral print. )

It is actually amazing how much difference a cinched black belt, tights and stiletto's can make to an outfit. After this "trial run" with the aforementioned today- I was left wondering why I had never thought to try that combination before. I think that I will be a little more open to experimentation with some of my old favourite dresses after today. I may have just opened up a whole new world of possibilities. Yay!

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