Saturday, August 7, 2010

Stars On My Jacket

This jacket may not be the greatest jacket in the whole universe- but it is the only one I have with the whole universe on it. Well. A decent representation of parts of the Milky Way at least.

I may be a teeny bit old for such confessions- but stars are my favourite shape. I draw them on stuff. I buy things that have stars on them. I even wear them on my head in roller derby. (not me in the pic- but you get the idea) Typically such stars look like this- but this jacket takes them to a whole new level.

This jacket is a newish addition to the wardoom and hasn't had a great deal of wear time under it's belt yet. I predict that it has a lot more coming before this Winter is done with us. I think the colour scheme of navy blue, black, white and shades of grey will mean I have a lot or versatility in what I can wear it with. While that may be the case- I imagine it will probably still only be worn with the outfit shown. Staple dark denim mini, black tights and silver reebok high tops.

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