Wednesday, September 8, 2010

2 Tiki's And 1 Ghost

As per my previous post- I pulled out a bunch of my favourite pieces from an overflowing jewellery dresser to showcase on frockstar. In lieu of buying anything new to put up- I figured I have a lot of options in the wardroom that aren't ALL hanging up on racks.

I don't know how often you have looked at genuine NZ tiki's but they are pretty cool. Also- pretty expensive. There seems to be a few levels of tiki's available for purchase with varying levels of credibility.

  • The top of the list boasts the genuine article. The true blue hand carved greenstone. These are nothing short of amazing and would be a great way to remember a trip to NZ if you did not reside here.

  • Next down the list would be the slightly tacky versions bought in souvenir stores. The vaguely plasticy type that are meant to look like greenstone- yet don't.

  • Right at the bottom of the pecking order are the ones that I have bought. They don't try very hard to look genuine. They are all out cheap plastic and don't try to hide it. I found these gems in a souvenir/ kebab store in downtown Auckland a year or so back. They are sold in every colour of the rainbow so I bought pale green one, a turquoise blue one and a white one. (not pictured) So many bases covered!
So I realise that there isn't much of a link between the tiki's and a hand crated Ghost brooch - but thought I would throw them together in one post anyways.

This Ghost was sold as part of the merch tent at a Music festival I went to a few years back. (Camp A Low Hum) The band responsible for the ghost was Bang Bang Eche (Not a bad band- but I liked their merch better than their music) I had this brooch for about a year before I realised it was the perfect lift to an outfit that was teamed with purple shoes. PERFECT!

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