Thursday, September 30, 2010

Blue and Teal Circles

This is the latest in a long line of hidden treasures the Wardroom has thrown out at me in the last month or so. In the name of Frockstar- I have been rummaging to find some new inspiration for outfits and blog posts. This is a dress I have never worn. Not even once. It has been in my possession for more than a year now. It came from a Hospice shop in Melbourne. I pulled the price tag off when I took the pic- so I can tell you that it cost me $10AU.
It is a simple halter neck dress with a flared skirt. It is actually made of silk which feels amazing on the skin. I love the retro vaguely 70's overlapping circles pattern on the fabric and this is made even better buy the colour scheme of turquoise and a deep teal green over white.
Now that I know that I have matching shoes, hair flower and can wear a crinoline petticoat with it- I think it will make it out to the streets as a completely wearable outfit!
NB- while this has absolutely nothing to do with the outfit in this post- something very weird is going on with the spacing here. For some reason I cannot change the gaps between the pics and the words. It is highly annoying...

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