Sunday, September 26, 2010

I Buckled....

I have been on a self-imposed clothes buying hiatus for the last few months. It is only temporary of course. It is all in aid of an epic shopping spree in Melbourne in a few weeks. Historically I am not a very good saver but this time I am tracking pretty well in fact. All I can think about is the vintage stores, amazing restaurants and great finds!

I found this dress on trademe a few weeks back. I really liked it but managed to convince myself that I didn't need it. I verbalised my thoughts on this to my boyfriend- and moved on. Or so I thought.

The following week I was on some pretty heavy duty painkillers and at home for the day. I was essentially in a state where I could entertain myself by staring at a wall for a few hours. Turns out I got on trademe and bought this dress while I was in a Tramadol induced stupor. I had no recollection of it whatsoever until I came back to work to find the payment instructions waiting for me at my work email... oops.

I may not have meant to buy this dress as such- but I really like it and don't mind too much that I slipped ever so slightly off my good savings work. It was only $50.00 so I didn't break the bank too much. Given that I recall nothing of buying it in the first place- my drugged up purchase could have been much much worse for my bank balance!

The dress itself is a nice cut. Buttons all the way down the front and a white collar feature on the top. The skulls and roses are bordering on cliche I know- but it still really appeals. I like that I can wear this with my red, black or white crinoline petticoats- and team it with red, black or white accessories too. I especially like that there are a few skulls in the fabric with blue eyes that seem to look right through you.

Now that I have justified this dress post purchase- I am going to need to make sure it is as verstaile as I have convinced myself!

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