Thursday, September 9, 2010

Piano Roses

Ok. This will be my last jewellery post. For a little while at least. I have attempted to group these items together in ways that kinda make sense. For some reason piano's and roses make sense together to me.

Warning. Lame joke following.
What's better than roses on your piano?
Tulips on your organ.
Told you it was lame.
I will start with the rose portion of this blog entry. I do like a good cameo. Whether it transpires into earrings, a brooch or a necklace- there is something particularly elegant about this old fashioned design. I have seen skeleton cameo's and general face silhouettes- but this is the first flower cameo I have come across. The necklace itself is quite a lot longer than I would usually wear- but that just means I get to see it more easily while I am wearing it!

The piano portion is a fairly obvious theme for me to pick up and run with. You MAY have noticed that 99% of all frockstar pictures are taken in front of my beautiful baby grand piano. (its kind of fake but that's a whole other story....) I have a piano bag. Piano shoe laces. A Piano lanyard- and now piano jewellery. There is one helluva piano P.O.F brewing I can assure you!
Both these pieces were actually gifts. Not even birthday or Christmas gifts- just the kind of things where they were seen in a store and they thought of me straight away. Aaaaaaw :)
The bracelet is on elastic bands so is a stretchy cuff kind of style. It works way too well with the ring to not wear them together....

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