Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Pink Coat

Pink is not a colour I wear very often. Don't get me wrong. It's not that I have anything against pink as a colour - I have just never really been a pink kindofa girl. In saying that I think I have warmed more to it in the last few years. It pops up in outfits from time to time but I have always leaned more towards green, red, blue and lately yellow before pink.

Now when it comes to coats I don't ever think you can have too many options. (although I may be pushing the green options a little. At last count I had 12 green coats in the wardroom!) It's nice to be able to match any possible outfit with a coat that isn't just black.

This coat has a faux vintage quality to it. That was the part I liked about it the most in fact. I actually bought it from Just Jeans of all places. It was on a sale rack for $29.00. Pretty good for a coat.

I would like to think of myself as very open minded about where I buy my clothes from. I have learnt over the years to drop any form of snobbishness when it comes to which stores I will frequent- and which ones I may not have previously looked at. You never know where your next favourite piece is going to come from and you certainly don't want to limit your options by not looking in unexpected places from time to time.

Just Jeans, Jay Jays, Glassons- they all have their place when it comes to clothing purchases. I don't think I am at risk of being stereotyped into an "off the rack" kind of girl. The beauty in these occasional items is being able to really make them your own with how you wear it.

For this picture I have opted to keep it very simple. Black v neck shirt and pencil skirt underneath to really make the coat a feature. My colour co-ordinating OCD kicked in and I matched it to some simple one strap pink heels. These shoes hailed from The #1 Shoe Warehouse's seconds store. I have always called this the #2 Shoe warehouse. They were $7.00. Brand new shoes for $7? Crazy I know!

I love the texture of this fabric. It also has depth with a dark maroon colour layered amongst the paler pink, white and a peachy hue as well.

The coat and shoes may not be in my top 10 favourite things in the wardroom but I think I can still pull together a solid outfit using them with each other.

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