Thursday, September 30, 2010

Red White And Blue

What a patriotic colour combo...

In the vain of my last few posts- here is a dress that I have not actually worn yet. Turns out I have a lot of these hiding on the racks! I bought this one in Adelaide a few months back on an epic shopping afternoon with a handful of like minded derby girls. We were over there to skate in an Australasian tournament- but managed to set aside a decent couple of hours to hit the shops the way we hit our opponents. HARD.

I actually found this dress in "Valley Girl" which we have in NZ as well. This store really knows how to put on a good sale! There have been many occasions where I have flicked through racks of $10, $15 and $20 specials. It is a great way to run a sale really. I spend a lot more money when I can get multiple items. Its easy when there is a perception if getting more value for your money. (and obviously money aside- I like leaving a store with full bags of new clothes!) This dress was on a $20 and under rack. It cost me $14.95AU.

Red ,white and blue still has a really nautical feel to it. To me anyway. I like that I can match this dress with a red or a white crinoline petticoat (the white one pictured here to balance out the white detail at the top of the dress) and then push with the red accessories to lift it a little more. It came with the red belt- so I have run with that as an option this time but I can see there are possibilities to swap out the red and go for green or yellow belt, shoes and hair piece or necklace too!

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