Wednesday, September 22, 2010

White Leather

I love a good leather jacket. I love the smell. I love the soft touch. I love how it feels to wear it. (Sorry to all my animal rights activist friends out there!)

I had been looking for a decent leather bomber jacket for quite a while when I came across this one. I really like that it's white. Somehow I imagined that this would make for a very versatile colour in the scheme of things. I mean- what doesn't go with white?

On paper this should be a very versatile piece of clothing yet somehow- it isn't. Don't get me wrong I love love LOVE it- but I have heaps of trouble working it into an outfit.

I am unsure if it is the cut of the jacket or the fact that it's white that makes this difficult. I have worn it with fancy dress costumes when trying to be "rock n roll' or "bogan" Maybe the trick is to make these themes a regular P.O.F more often to get past the versatility barrier!

So anyway. I love it. The cut has a great diagonal zip that alters the way the collar sits. It has zipped pockets- and a great lining fabric! (I realise that this isn't going to be seen by anyone while I am wearing it- but thought I would mention it and show a pic anyways) It makes me think of something between early 80's Madonna and Debbie Harry mixed with Andy Warhol pop art.

I managed to score myself this little piece of amazing on trademe - for a cool $50. I was actually expecting it to arrive fro me to discover it was not leather but pleather. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was totally genuine for that price!

NB- the outfit this jacket is teamed with in the pic is not one I have ever actually worn anywhere. It was my attempt to showcase the jacket with a reasonably minimal ensemble that would not detract from the style. I could not help myself with the shoes though. Any black and white outfit will ALWAYS have these puppies on my feet! they aren't exactly minimalist- but they are the epitome of beautiful.....

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