Friday, October 15, 2010

Barefoot and Floral

This may seem like a strange concept- but even though I have owned this dress for about 5 years I found it again yesterday. It has been in my 'bag of clothes to get fixed or altered" rubbish sack hiding behin my coats for quite sometime now. ´╗┐Every few years I remember that such a sack exists and it's like Christmas!

This long floral number screams "Little House on the Praire" to me. It is distinctly 70's and I cannot imagine wearing it with shoes. This is of particular note asI am not a barefoot girl by nature. I have way too many pairs of shoes to ever consider not wearing any of them.

This dress was a birthday gift from an old flatmate of mine. It is quite beautiful in it's own way but I always thought it would get a bit more of my attention if it was shorter. I can imagine it a little above knee length with dark tights and brown boots. Hence it living in the sack of things to be altered...

The fabric really appeals to me. A dark bottle green with 70's flowers in shades of orange, brown, pink and white.

For now I have put it back up in the long green dress section of the wardroom to see if it gets additional wear purely by proxy of being able to see it. If it still doesn't in the next few months I will get it altered.

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