Friday, October 1, 2010

Green and Yellow

This cute little green dress is yet another that has not seen the light of day since being added to the Wardroom. It was a gift from a friend who bought it for me mainly for 2 reasons.
  1. It was green
  2. It was in a $2 bin in an op shop

I tried it on when she first gave it to me and while I like the fabric it wasn't a very flattering fit. I hung it up and left it there.

Fast forward 18 months or so and I pulled it out to give it another go. (Essentially for this post!) I decided that the cut could be altered slightly with pulling it in under the bust with a belt. Now with the colours in the fabric the obvious option to me was to match the red. I added read belt and peep toes and took a good hard look. It was ok- but it didn't "pop". You know?

I decided to change tact slightly and opted to accessorise with yellow instead. The colour change made such a huge difference to the overall look- that there is no way I will ever put red on this outfit again! Yellow and green together have always felt... well. A little Australian. I will overlook that thought in this instance and roll with it anyway.

The shoes were a trademe bargain at $4.00, the belt from a sale rack in an Asian store fro $5 and the flower from trademe at $14. These accessories alone could potentially be added to a lot of outfits to change the feel drastically!

I like that the pattern on the fabric has an almost batik quality to it. When you look closely- there are a lot of very detailed swirls going on underneath the floral motifs.

I have managed to fit an ever present crinoline petticoat underneath to lift it slightly too.

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