Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Green Good Girl

If I was around in the 50's and was a particularly good girl- I might wear this outfit to my part time job in the library. After work I could go and get an ice-cream soda with a curly straw. And then- I could remember that I do not actually live in the 50's and this is just an outfit.

This skirt came from the CPSF (Cornwall Park School Fair) all those months back. It was green and cheap. 2 boxes ticked so it went into my huge haul of clothes I managed to liberate of the fairs school hall. I cant remember the exact price- but it was somewhere between 50c and $2.

The fabric on the skirt itself is a nice green and white gingham with a trim of dark and lime green flowers along the bottom hem line.

For this ensemble I have opted to go with a contrasting bright green collared shirt, white angora cardigan and white patent mary janes. Perfect for my part time library job in the 50's...

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