Friday, October 8, 2010

Metallic Silver Brocade

I love this metallic blue brocade shift dress. It was from one of the last genuinely cheap op shops in the inner city- and it only cost me $10.00. 

The last time I wore it was for a work Christmas party a few years back. The theme of the party was the incredibly politically incorrect  "A Night In The Orient". It was a great party- but I'm sure you can imagine some of the costumes that eventuated from such a theme... My personal favs were Confucius and an entire team of Chinese table Tennis players.

I bought this parasol to "oriental" up the dress for the night. I also wore it with a black bob wig to finish it off. I have added the white mary janes and white wrist gloves for this shot- and would almost certainly pair them together again.

While the parasol works very well with the dress itself- I can't really imagine why I would use it as an accessory outside of a theme. A parasol is a fairly awkward thing to carry around and could even be dangerous in the wrong hands after a few too many drinks!

The pattern on the fabric is nothing short of beautiful. Metallic blue embroidered flowers with spidery swirling detail. I would love to have this design as a wall paper. Maybe not an enitre room- but at the very least a feature wall.

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