Thursday, October 14, 2010

Red Riding Hood = Capetastic!

A wee while ago ( in a frockstar cape post ) I mentioned that I had a fantasy cape in mind. This cape is totally that cape.


Good things really are worth the wait. After months and months of patient yet diligent trademe searching I finally came across this beautyful American Apparel fleecy domed front fire engine red hooded cape.

It came just in time too. Weather wise Spring seems to be a good time for optimal wearing. Being fleecy inside it is still quite warm- but being light means it is perfect for this in between weather. The kind of days where the sun is starting to come out but there is still a little bit of  chill in the air.

Not only am I predicting that I will be able to wear this cape with a multitude of different outfits possibilities- my flatmate pointed out that all I need is a basket of home baked goodies and I also have the perfect Halloween outfit. While that is a pretty good idea-  I know he just wants to eat the home baked goodies....

On a side note- I did a player profile for my derby league last week. It was filmed in the wardroom and Frockstar got a mention too  Check it out HERE

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