Friday, November 5, 2010

Black Strapless With Iron Fist

You cannot go past a good black strapless frock. Timeless, dressy and so versatile. ´╗┐This particular one was an absolute steal. It came from Valley Girl and I took it home for a bargain price of $20AU.
The picture doesn't really do it justice- but there is a huge bow feature on the front that really appealed to me. Gave it a little extra something something. A simple sweetheart neckline and we're away!

One of the best things about a simple black dress is the option you have for accessorizing. Today I have opted for the "Oh No"  heels in the Iron Fist range. This beautiful example of art for your feet comprises of a neon green, purple and black colour scheme with squid tentacles and eyeballs. Heh.

I have been lusting after the Iron Fist shoe's online for months now. The only thing that has stopped me from buying a pair earlier was committing to one pair! I have had my eye on a few styles that I may still yet try and track down. This pair is particularly cute. But then so arethe turquoise wedges here.  And I have always had a soft spot for the "Wolf Beater" heels. I actually tried to buy them while I was away but alas. Not in  my size. As soon as I have picked my absolute favourite pair I think there will be an international shoe order going through!

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Blogger heidikins said...

My jaw actually dropped when I saw those shoes. LOVE!


November 5, 2010 at 2:58 PM  

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