Monday, November 8, 2010

Carnations, Broccoli Or Mice?

This is another Dangerfield purchase. I will refrain from again mentioning how much I love that store and ponder why they do not have one in NZ. Lets take that as read shall we.

This dress is so nice to wear. It is 100% polyester but feels like silk. ´╗┐Wearing white or light colours has always been a little dangerous for someone like me. The lighter the colour- the higher the chance that I spill my coffee, breakfast or lunch down the front of it. I have amazingly managed to get through an entire day wearing it without marking it so far! (touch wood)

The photo doesn't really do it justice- but it has a really cute rounded collar. More easily spotted is the nice red sash tie for the waist.

The pattern on the fabric is presumably modelled after carnations. I actually thought at first glance it was more like broccoli and my brother thought it was more like mice. Guess there are some active imaginations in my family...

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