Thursday, November 4, 2010

Ruby Red Satin with Skull

While I try very hard not to- I do manage to slip into "Uniform Mode" from time to time. Historically this has usually encompassed some highly versatile "can be worn with everything" piece. I haven't been a jeans kindofa girl for a very VERY long time- so my last 3 uniform pieces have consisted of varying styles of denim skirts. They certainly fit the uniform criteria in that they go with everything.

I decided it was time to update my denim skirt and get one in more of a pencil style. The one I bought was from Australia's finest- Target. (I prefer to pronounce it Tarshaaay) It was exactly what I was looking for and definitely didn't break the bank. Double ticks all round.

I have found myself wearing more and more red over the last few years. It has never really been a colour I have gravitated towards but maybe it just got better with age. (like me!) This jacket appealed for a few reasons. It was cheap. $49.00 in the factory store on Brunswick St that I keep mentioning. It is also a beautiful shade of dark ruby red in satin- so it has that vague "Grease" feel to it.  Who didn't want to be a Pink Lady when they grew up?

I'm sure it is also no surprise that I was drawn to the embroidered skull with snake running through its eye sockets.  I was even considering getting my name (Fliss, Felicity, Spar Kill or Sparky) embroidered on the other side. I'm not completely sold- but it does tie back into my Grease Pink Ladies childhood fantasies....

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