Monday, November 29, 2010

Ship Happens

Blah blah blah Melbourne. Blah blah blah Dangerfield. Blah blah blah awesome. I figure after the last month of posts you get the point already!

Nautical is a theme that pops up on Frockstar a lot at the moment. Usually this is an outfit in red, white and blue and often this is punctuated with vertical stripes. This particular nautical ensemble has stayed true to the colour scheme- but is punctuated with a much more obvious pattern of sailing ships and tug boats.

This skirt is a great shape and sits really well. I really like the additional feature of the bow on the front. It gives it an extra little something something.  

It has taken me about a month to settle on what I want to wear this skirt with. I have tried it with red and navy blue singlets and they havent' quite worked. I also tried it with my extreme nautical wedge heels from this post- but  it was too matching. (even I realise sometimes you can go too far....)

I opted to keep this outfit really simple so as not to overshadow the boats or the bow. I am working on an idea for another outfit option using this skirt. I'm thinking a navy blue sort sleeved (maybe puff sleeved) button up shirt with a red neck scarf tied to the side...  I do not yet own said shirt- but the scarf is ready and waiting!

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