Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wednesday Addams 2.0

Seems I have a few options in which to channel my inner Wednesday Adams these days... ´╗┐Thats ok. It's nice to have options!

This gorgeous little number is another Melbourne purchase from Dangerfield. Seriously NZ. Hurry up and get one here already! If my track record for spending in there is anything to go by- I could almost keep it afloat myself...

Its simple and quite effective I think. A black polka dot shift with ruffle along the bottom and nicely topped off with a white collar and button feature. I have also matched it with a white Alannah Hill bow for my hair. I thought maybe I should have a few hair accessory options that aren't all flowers. Mixing it up and all that.

This dress has not yet had it's first NZ outing- but I did wear it while still in Melbourne. In fact- I wore it to possibly the best show I have seen all year. (And trust me- I have seen some epic live music in 2010!) It may not be everyone's cuppa tea but I definitely recommend you check this out and keep an open mind. Watch the video then imagine 8 of these guys in their matching suits on stage in Melbourne's beautiful Forum Theatre. It blew my mind I can assure you. There is not many things that can beat a great live show- but a fantastic new frock to wear to one is a sure fire way to make a great show even better!

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