Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Aqua Dots

I'm sure it isn't just me that is having a crazy December already. Seriously- I have had this photo loaded and ready to write about for 4 days now.. I apologise in advance for any Frockstar post delays that are a direct relation to me living this crazy December '10 life...

You may recall from previous posts- how much I love Lost and Found in Melbourne. If you don't recall then read it here so I don't start repeating myself like a mad woman. (ha. God forbid...) This is the second dress I bought that day.

I have been known to buy things that aren't quite right. I always have trhe best intentions of slight alterations here and there but often these pieces end up relegated to my "stuff to get stuff done to them" garden sack in the corner of the wardroom.
(Ok. Its more like a garden sack and 2 suitcases but I digress....)

This dress was definitly in the realms of not quite right upon the initial purchase. It had sleeves. Bad ones. Imagine for just a few seconds what this frock may have looked like with slghtly baggy ad gaping sleeves that came down to my elbows. Ridiculous may be one of the words you come up with. Elderly woman may be a phrase in your mind too. Even while it was still on the rack I could see there was frockstar potential beyond the old age pensioner quality of this dress. Once I got it home and had the sleeves removed - it all made sense.

The fabric is a very thin Summer weight crepe. A pale turquoise with white polka dots and a white ruffled neckline and button detailing. I know that this dress can be worn anywhere. Dressed up with black and white brogues for dinner or work. Dressed down with jandals for just hanging out. Ah the possibilities!

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