Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Green and Sparkly. Again.

I know. You never would have picked me to have another green and sparkly frock....

This dress is something I can imagine wearing if I was on "Dancing with the stars" or some similar kind of show. It has a definite ballroom dancing/ figure skating feel to it. I dont know if its the asymmetric hemline or the sequins but I'm not fighting it. I just wish I could dance like that to really make the most of that P.O.F!

This dress came from my favourite of frock shops- Trademe. It was handmade sometime around 30 years ago- and you can really feel the loving touch in this dress. (if that makes sense) There is a sewn in fishing weight to keep the hemline sitting where it is supposed to. There are 2 domes behind the neck of the halter to stop twisting and the sequined flowers are all hand applied with not a single sparkle missing. It is in amazing condition for it's age!

I really like that the sparkly flowers have been continued round the back of the dress too. Seems like people get lazy when it comes to continuing a theme around the back. You may not be able to see it- but anyone behind you certainly can.

I have teamed it with some silver mary janes to match the silver in the sequins- but could also be worn with black or green shoes too.

I have been saving it to wear to my end of year derby party. It's a "Vegas": theme so I thought this could work. I have also just bought another outfit that could be even more Vegas- so contemplating a mid party outfit change... Why commit to one outfit a night when you can do more?

NB- the night I wore this dress out I was snapped again for Auckland street style!

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