Friday, December 24, 2010


I had SOOO much fun last night...I was a guest keyboard player for the legendary "Masters Of Metal"!

For the uninitiated- M.O.M are ´╗┐an Auckland outfit of serial muso's that typically play one show a year (around Christmas) as their 80's/ early 90's glam rock hair metal alter ego's.  The set consisted of such awesomenes as "Unskinny Bop" , "Dead or Alive", "Heartbreaker" and my 3 contibutions. "Jump", "Black Knight" and "The Final Countdown" (do do doooo do do....) I swear I have had these 3 songs stuck in my head for weeks.

One of my favourite things about this show (or any M.O.M show for that matter) is how much fun it is to rock out to this music. Even the staunchest bar leaner can't help but hold a lighter up to "Every Rose Has Its Thorn". Even the non-dancers have their heads nodding and are throwing the goats in no time. It's pretty hard to not have a great time at these shows- and I haven't even started on the costumes!

So my obvious P.O.F for this show was 80's glam rock hair metal. Actually quite a hard outfit to put together if you're a girl. After extensive google image research looking for inspiration- I have officially gathered that this entire genre was driven by a bunch of dudes that look like chicks with long hair, and bad make up. I threw myself into the wardroom with a positive outlook. Surely with a room full of clothes I can piece together something right? WRONG. 10-15 trial and errors later and my frustration got the better of me. I got on the phone to my good friend Phloss (who also now has a wardroom ... spread the word ladies!) for some much needed assistance. I needed an amazing outfit if I was going to share the stage with THIS guy!

These incredible slashed shiny leggings came from her. Now the only thing to ponder was what on EARTH was I going to wear with them? I checked all the local op shops and second hand stores. Nothing. (Always the way when you are looking for something specific I find) I was about to give up hope completely when I hit the jackpot. Valley Girl of all places. The sale racks there were bulging with long tops and short dresses in lace, tie dye, slashed lycra... I seriously found the motherload. The one I decided to roll with is a black lace singlet short dress with full length zip down the back and side pieces cut out.

 The pics do not give this feature justice but in my defense I did take the photos post gig at about 2am with a few beers in me.

Don't drink and frockstar kids.

To finish it all off I wore snake skin stiletto peep toes, a red leather fingerless studded glove, vinyl studded wrist cuffs, a string of faux pearls, green star "Spar Kill" necklace and a plastic jesus cross on a chain. But I still felt like I was missing something. I finished it all off with a high side pony (waaaay too hot to wear the wig I had planned to go with) purple eyeshadow, my favourite green and black drag queen lashes and some violet bedazzling on my temples. I even manged to get in a discreet homage to the festive season with my glove and necklace combo in red and green. Yeah. I think about these things way too much....

I may have over shot glam rock to land a little closer to " Desperatly Seeking Susan" than originally intended but I think it worked nonetheless.

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