Friday, December 3, 2010

P P P Poker Dress

To me Summer is all about sunny days, jandals, fresh fruit and BBQ's with good people. Nothing quite kicks off a great Kiwi Summer in Auckland like the Grey Lynn Festival. 

To sum it up for the uninitiated- it is a day full of markets, fresh food, live music and general entertainment, scores of people and picnics and a genuine sense of community. These parts all make up a fantastic way to celebrate the beginning of Summer - on the 3rd Saturday in November.

My personal G.L.F tradition is heading in early before the sun gets too hot- and hitting the markets. They are guaranteed to be full of bargains and clever crafts- and I look forward to them immensely.  This year was no exception!

I have had many great purchases from these markets over the years (like THIS one!) and people travel from all over NZ to sell their wares and crafts. This year I was fairly restrained in my spending- but came away very happy. I bought a new wheat bag and matching slippers. (Genius right! Now I can have toasty warm feet next Winter) I also bought some homemade coconut ice and this fantastic 70's sun dress. An absolute steal at $20.00!

Its no secret I am a sucker for Summer dresses from the 70's and this was a no brainer purchase. It is a beautiful shade of cornflower blue with a deck of card theme print. It made me think of poker straight away.

I suck at  playing poker but have been learning from my ever patient boyfriend. Apparently the hardest thing about playing with me is that you have no hope of ever telling when a person is bluffing if they themselves do not know when they are bluffing either.

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Blogger Elicia Nisbet-Smith said...

I have a dress made of the same fabric. What are the odds (probably pretty high really).

Lucy in Disguise

January 10, 2011 at 6:20 PM  

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