Thursday, December 23, 2010

Red Leather

I know I have already apologised for the lack of entries of late. I literally have not had a spare second to take any pictures! December is usually a pretty busy month and 2010 has been no exception. I will endeavour to get a few more posts in this year. I have the best ever Flissmas ensemble to cover as well as a Glam Rock Outfit and a couple of new frocks to showcase!

Back to the outfit at hand.. this may be the last Melbourne outfit yet to be talked about. (Best I go back to buy some more huh...)

Red leather is all kinds of awesome. Especially when it is tomato red. And in a pencil skirt.  Even better when the leather is the softest most buttery leather you can imagine touching. If you ever have the good fortune to see me wearing this I will almost definitely enforce a quick stroke so you can understand.
Tactile heaven.

This skirt only set me back $45. An incredible price for an incredible piece!

I have matched it with a black short puff sleeved shirt, black peep toes and red leather fingerless gloves. Oh yes you read that correctly. Red. Leather. Fingerless. Gloves. With studs and zips. Sadly it is a little too warm right now to work them into many outfits. I also found out on their maiden voyage that they kinda turn my hands pink. Still totally worth it....

Stay tuned for a close up shot of the gloves. My nails aren't looking too good so have been waiting to address that before getting a glove shot. It will be worth the wait though. I promise.

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