Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Ultimate in Flissmas Outifts

If it is possible to have a more festive outfit I would love to see it.

I may have missed the boat in regards to posting this outfit in time- but I figure a couple of days late won't bother anyone too much.  I have already had to wait MONTHS to wear this outfit (I bought it in April) and I couldn't bear to wait another whole year before posting it here.

It's not that hard to look like Christmas really. Green and red by themselves will usually get the point across. Throwing in some white accents can add the extra effect. When you use all of the above- and then tie it in with holly patterned fabric.. woah. You would be hard pushed to get more festive that that unless you were wearing one of these. Ok. Or maybe one of  these

Could be a challenge for next year mayhaps...

This skirt came from the ever fantastic Peachy Keen on K Rd. The day I bought it I got chatting to the proprietor Thomas as I often do while browsing in there. He told me that he was about to put a sale on a particular style of clothing- and was happy to make that sale on whatever I chose to buy that day. Ha. You know you are onto a good thing when the owner of an amazing vintage clothing store will work a daily sale around you! It prompted me to pick up this beautiful swing skirt. An obviously seasonal piece- but I knew I would get the mileage out of it as long as I could be patient. I did have to wait 8 months before it got it's maiden voyage after all.

I have teamed it with a plain round neck cotton tee from Valley Girl, red belt, red peep toes, red crinoline petticoat and a red and white striped hair band. Perfect!

This skirt actually came up in a conversation with someone a few weeks before I wore it for the first time. A dear friend of mine was saygin that she had won a competition at her work the previous year for the most Christamssy outfit- and that she really wanted to step up her game to take home top prize for the second year running. She casually asked if I had anything I could lend her that may help. Well yes. I think she came to the right person on this one! I decked her out with this whole ensemble and she proudly rocked it into her work- confident that the 1st place prize was hers. Sadly they decided at the last minute that the Christmas prize was going to be chosen raffle style so sadly she missed out. We know that if it was purely based on a festive outfit she would have won hands down....

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