Friday, January 14, 2011


Wow. It has taken me 7 whole days to get this post out. I have had the pic uploaded to the blog and just waiting in cyberspace for me to add some words´╗┐. In my defense- it is Summer and I have a tendency to be lazy with these sorts of things from time to time. Stop judging me!

I have been very pro red in the last few years. It was historically a colour I stayed away from .Mainly due to my skin tone and having gone many years with my hair being red too. Red on red= not so win. (in my own opinion) Now that my hair is darker I have been letting red into my daily wear a LOT in the last 18 months or so. This has proved to be an exciting foray into new colours and options for me- and my only regret is not having done it sooner!

Now to the untrained eye (but trained enough to see me in my usual frocks out and about) I have one similar to this one. Located here. Not the best photo- in fact I could maybe update that.... Tangents aside- I'm sure you can see why I have paired these frocks together. Red with yellow and blue floral. Check and check. I may be grasping at straws here but the redeeming and tipping point that I have clung to in my decision to purchase this one is that this dress is a much brighter shade of tomato red. The flowers are bigger therefore making the contrasting colours more defined. The dress shape itself is different being a shirt dress with puff sleeves. (I do love those!) And last of all it has a subtle check in said tomato red background of the dress. See?

I love the options that this dress gives me. The last time I wore it I accesorised with a 1970's tuxedo cummerbund as a belt in a beautiful shade of turquoise then paired it with matching shoes. The dress works just as well with or without a belt. I can go for yellow or green accessories in shoes, handbags or hair flowers. It may be very similar to another frock currently hanging in the wardroom- but I have succesfully justified the shared existence to myself. Even if the rest of you aren't buying it for a second!

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