Wednesday, April 20, 2011

80's Cross Hatching

The weather in Auckland city has taken a drastic turn´╗┐ towards Winter in the last week or so. Yesterday was the first time I have accepted it and dressed for the weather. That involved this Winter coat and gloves. I figure that I had better hurry up and blog about this light  Summer dress before it gets any colder!

This frock was a purchase back in January and I remember how crazy hot it was that day. I went out to Savemart in New Lynn for a bit of a rummage. Turns out a smart place to go in the middle of a burning NZ Summer isn't a tin warehouse full of clothes. It felt like I was in a BBQ. Clothes shopping on a day like this is not recommended. It is potentially the worst circumstances to be trying clothes on- and I got over it very quickly. Thankfully not before I had tried this breezy little number on and decided it would come home to live with me. Not long after that I gave up on the shopping completely and got lost in a cemetary with my brother- but that is a very different story....

It has a base slip under a layer of floaty almost chiffon fabric. I have worn it with the halter straps tied behind my neck here- but have also rocked it as a strapless. The dark blue background colour is then off set with some 80's esque paint cross hatching in fluoro yellow, white. lighter blue and pink. It is a very interesting colour combo but still gives a few options for accessorising. I have worn it with a light silver and white stretch belt and some white sandals.

NB- Quiet literally SECONDS before I took this photo I was wearing another pair of white strappy sandals. I somehow managed to get off the couch in such a way that I caught the ankle strap on the bottom edge of the couch and ripped it right out of the base it was attached too. A nice illustration of my lack of coordination and spatial awareness but it was pretty weird even for me. Lucky I had a back up pair for the photo!

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Blogger Monique said...

That dress is really pretty!

Monique xx

April 26, 2011 at 12:33 AM  

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