Sunday, April 17, 2011

I'm Baaaaaaa-aaaaaaack!

I have a few posts now that start with an apology about the time frame between posts. I'm not going to do that this time. I am going to celebrate my return to Frockstar instead of giving you excuses for my absence. I will however give you a  rundown on what has been going on since we last talked. Well- Since I last wrote anything and you read it. No need to be pedantic.
  • We are planning to relocate to Melbourne.
  • I haven't been buying clothes.
So my amazingly detailed bullet pointed list gives insight into what seems to  have slowed my Frockstarring down somewhat. I have been making every effort to not buy clothes- as the thought of downsizing and relocating the wardroom to another country is scary enough without adding anything else to it. I have been doing pretty well in that regards but it does mean I have been lacking any enthusiasm to blog about newly acquired things. A double edged sword there really.

I am super duper crazy excited about moving to Melbourne but there sure is a lot to do before that happens. The biggest test of my clothes buying self control will be in the next 3 weeks when we go over for a long weekend to see Ben Folds play. (On a side note- OMFG I AM GOING TO SEE BEN FOLDS LIVE FOR REAL! I sure hope he does this at the show...) I will be trying to stay away from all the incredible shops so as to not blow our moving savings. It is going to be very difficult. I might have to sneak a very quick trip into Dangerfield but it will probably need to be chaperoned.

And that takes us up to now.  Lets get back to the frocks shall we.

The dress I am showcasing in my comeback is a great little number I picked up from a small 2nd hand boutique in Glen Eden. I saw it on the mannequin as I was driving past and did a U-turn to go back to look at it. Not only is it a genuine handmade frock from the 50's it had a fairly reasonable price tag of $35.00. When I took it up to the counter I found out that they were having a one day only half price sale- so I got to walk away with it for a cool $17.50. Heh.

The fabric has a woven lineny (new word) feel to it and you can see the criss cross in the fibres. I love the slightly abstract floral feel to the pattern and I love love love the colour scheme of pinks, purples, teal and a hint of brown. It gives me a lot of room when it comes to matching it to shoes. For this photo I have donned a pair of purple kitten heels with a bow feature on the front. You can't see in these pics- but they are purple down one side and completely clear down the other. I always thought that was a nice touch. Slap on some pearls and a crinolene and I am good to go!

It is nice to be back I must say. I am not going to promise any kind of continued regularity though. Not while I am in this self imposed "Don't buy any more clothes Fliss" time anyway. I have a few things up my sleeve though. You will hear from me again soon.

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Blogger Irn Bruja said...

Yay! back! And a lovely outfit too.

April 17, 2011 at 6:20 PM  

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