Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Lavender Couch Dress

Ok. I am going to say it before you think it first. This dress always makes me think
"Who shot the couch?"´╗┐
That's not to say I don't like it- it just has that Laura Ashley/ Curtains/ upholstery feel to it. I am certainly not above wearing something that could potentially make me feel like a high backed chair in a living room. It is yet to be an intentional P.O.F I do admit.

This lavender creation was a Trademe purchase a few months back. A bargain at $6.00.  I know I said I was cutting down on my clothing purchases- but I haven't stopped completely. I like to think I am slowly weaning off rather than attempting to stop cold turkey . I'm not going to lie to you. It's damn hard. 

The dress is a simple halter necked wiggle dress in cream with the floral print in shades of deep purple, pale lavender and a trio of greens. I do like the use of fabric to make the pattern in the dress too. Such a simple idea yet so effective with the "arrow" points of the flowers.

I don't limit myself with such trivial things like the weather or what season we are in to pick my clothing purchases. In fact a bargain is more likely when you are buying out of season. Summer is a great time to buy Winter Coats- especially on Trademe. ´╗┐This dress was bought right as the weather started getting cooler so it may be a while before it gets it's first official maiden voyage. Unless of course I try and "Winter it up" by adding black tights, boots and a cardi. Nice to have options I think. Whenever I wear it for the first time- I will need to make sure I dont't sit still for too long. Somebody may try and sit on me.

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