Friday, April 29, 2011

Teal and Nerdy

So my longtime readers will know all about the annual awesomeness that is the Cornwall Park School Fair. Best. School Fair. Ever.
2011 is my 3rd year running of getting there half an hour before the fair opens- and patiently queuing at the school hall for first dibs on racks and racks of second hand clothes, shoes and accessories. It is totally worth planning a weekend around not being hungover and up and at 'em early on a Sunday morning. This year I met a friend at my favourite cafe for breakfast and a coffee first too. You  need your energy when it comes to such things afterall. (You DO NOT mess with a clothes obsessed derby girl by trying to cut the line...while I have never actually used any of my roller derby blocking training- I have been prepared to if the need arises!)

This year's haul was decidedly smaller than the last few years. I am trying to not buy clothes right now afterall. (Cutting down is going well. Stopping all together is epic fail times) I figured I had been tracking so well in my target to not extend the wardroom's contents any further that I should reward myself with a few bits and pieces. Defeatist much...? I know. I'm not even fooling myself on that one.

This dress ticked a few boxes for me. I love the colour scheme first of all. A beautiful base colour of a deep teal highlighted with purple, pink, yellow, greens and a dash of white. It gives me many shoes and accessory options and I like that.

The pattern on the fabric kind of reminded me of something between watercolour painting as a kid and tie dye. I also learnt that no matter how still the camera is- it will look out of focus in a photo. In fact- the longer you look at it the more sick you feel. Maybe you should stop looking. I take no responsibility for any nausea induced. I gave you fair warning.

I really like the cut of the dress. Especially the button detailing on the top. I find it is quite flattering next to the ruffled neck line.

Lastly (and potentially most important) is that while I am more than aware that I am not a size 8- somebody forgot to tell this dress that! Obviously it is one of those crazy throw backs you find from time to time that are really out of whack with the usual sizings but it still makes you feel damned good! Especially when it isn't even Australian or American sizing. This dress is made on the Switch label that is currently stocked in Farmers. Heh. This little detail was even better than the fact I only paid $1.00 for it. Bargain win!

I have teamed it with black tights and boots for the photo and topped it off with my nerdy faux square framed glasses. Forgive me if I have already detailed my glasses theory- but the shorter the dress the better it looks with glasses. Takes away the tartiness and kinda makes it more geekily (new word) endearing I think.

Thats my philosophy anyway.

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Blogger Amber Parkin said...

That is a great theory! I will have to put it into practice.

April 29, 2011 at 4:24 PM  

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