Monday, May 30, 2011

Tattoo Roses Cobwebs

I love Dangerfield. You may remember this snippet of information as I have mentioned it here, here, here and here. (just to mention a few!) I was always going to be making a purchase or 2 from this fine store while I was in Melbourne. This is one of said purchases. Given that I know now about the Dangerfield factory store- I was careful to not pay full price for anything before exhaustign the cheaper options. While I did get this dress from one of normal stores- it was still on sale. Double win!

Red, black and white is a great colour combo. Striking in contrast and highly compatable with many many accesorising options. This frock is extremely versatile. In this photo I have kept it very simple by teaming with black and white wingtip shoes and a red rose in my hair. I am actually wearing this frock while I type too- and have chosen to wear it with black tights and boots, red belt and a black cardi with red and white bow brooch and red riding hood cape. Ah the options.

The fabric is quite detailed and features a lot of things that I am often drawn to. Geisha faces, roses, cobwebs, hearts and polka dots. A lot of bases covered there!

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